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So I did as she asked and we repeated all of the earlier shots, this time with me just wearing the straw hat and my boots. The ones with the chickens were the most daring since I was out in the open yard in full view of the road, but fortunately no cars went by. In spite of the new subdivisions at either end of the road there still wasn't all that much traffic. I found the whole thing very erotic and had to really focus to keep from getting aroused. Livy would not have appreciated my floppy getting hard. I was relieved when she decided she had enough pics and I was able to get dressed again.

When we went back into the house there was a message on the answering machine to call Barbara.

"I've got some good news, Silas. I'm sending Teddy out to help you with rockettube Dad."

"Ted? How can he get away if you can't? Doesn't he work full-time?"

"Teddy, Junior. He'll be done with school this week so he can come out for the summer and help around the farm, baby-sit Dad when you have to go into the city and maybe even act as a buffer between you and Dad."

I tried to picture her older son from my last visit. He was a surly, stocky adolescent, a lot like his father who I'd never liked very much.

"Won't he be bored here, stranded on the farm with no friends?"

I didn't want to discourage her but I wanted to be sure she'd thought this through.

"He'll be fine, but you'll have to get cable TV and Internet access for him. He can't live without those."

"I was going to arrange for that for myself anyway."

"One other thing, though. We're going to have to pay him."


"He's sixteen, Silas. This was going to be his first summer working. Ted had arranged a job for him at the dealership, mainly just cleaning cars, but still it was a paying job. Don't worry, we're only talking minimum wage so it won't be too much for either of us."

"What about Dad? Shouldn't he be the one paying?"

"Yeah, but I'm not about to ask him and you probably don't want to either. You know how he is about money. Besides, you'd have to pay anyone you found to keep an eye on him while you were away anyhow."

I told Livy about the conversation while we made supper together.

"Is your nephew a hottie rockettube?"

"Oh, please, he was fourteen when I last saw him. I may not have many standards but kids and relatives are right at the top of my list of people I won't sleep with."

"I didn't mean sex, asshole, but it never hurts to have a little eye candy around."

"Well, he's definitely not that. He takes after his father, who I never found attractive in any way. Jake and Lisa, the two younger kids, are the cute ones. They take after my side of the family."

"Who says you don't have an ego?"