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The doctor first gave us each a list of medications he was prescribing and explained what they were and how to take them. There were two drugs to control blood pressure, one for cholesterol, and one for the heart failure. There was another to take in case he experienced angina and he also wanted Dad to take a baby aspirin every day. I couldn't remember ever seeing Dad take as much as a vitamin so I wasn't sure how well he'd deal with the efukt pill regimen. He grumbled but listened without talking back. He saved that for when Dr. Patel handed us each a sheet of paper with dietary restrictions and suggestions on it.

"No way I can eat like this. No salt, no fat, no beef, no bacon, no dairy, no eggs, nothing fried. And who's gonna cook all this fish, chicken and vegetables?"

"Don't worry, Dad, I'll take care of the food. We'll work out something you'll like."

"Here's some information on our visiting nurse efukt service." He gave us more paper. "They're expecting you to call this afternoon to set up an intake interview."

"I don't need any nurse. Once I get out of here and get home I'll be just fine."

"We have to monitor your medications and vital signs for a while, Mr. Willson. Your heart has sustained serious damage and all of this medication is new to you. We have to make sure you take it right and that it's doing the job."

"Don't worry, doctor, I'll call and make the arrangements."